Anlogic notes

Sipeed Lichee Tang

For this target, openFPGALoader supports svf and bit.

bit file load (memory)

openFPGALoader -m -b licheeTang /somewhere/project/prj/*.bit

Since -m is the default, this argument is optional.

bit file load (spi flash)

openFPGALoader -f -b licheeTang /somewhere/project/prj/*.bit

svf file load

It’s possible to produce this file by using TD:

  • Tools->Device Chain

  • Add your bit file

  • Option : Create svf

or by using prjtang project:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../

Now a file called tangbit is present in current directory and has to be used as follows:

tangbit --input /somewhere.bit --svf bitstream.svf
openFPGALoader -b licheeTang /somewhere/*.svf