Efinix notes

Firant and Xyloni boards (efinix trion T8)

.hex file is the default format generated by Efinity IDE, so nothing special must be done to generates this file.

openFPGALoader supports only active mode (SPI) (JTAG is WIP).

hex file load

openFPGALoader -b fireant /somewhere/project/outflow/*.hex

or, for xyloni board

openFPGALoader -b xyloni_spi /somewhere/project/outflow/*.hex

Since openFPGALoader access the flash directly in SPI mode the -b fireant, -b xyloni_spi is required (no autodetection possible).

Trion and Titanium JTAG usage

openFPGALoader supports loading to RAM and SPI Flash with JTAG

Tested with J-Link BASE

bin file load

openFPGALoader --cable jlink_base -m  /somewhere/project/outflow/*.bin

hex file flash

Example for ti60f225. NOTE: JTAG chains with more than one device (eg –index-chain) are currently not supported for writing to SPI flash

openFPGALoader --cable jlink_base --fpga-part ti60f225 -f  /somewhere/project/outflow/*.hex