Intel notes



  • CYC1000

  • C10LP-RefKit

  • DE0

  • de0nano

Loading a bitstream

SVF and RBF files are supported.

sof to svf generation:

quartus_cpf -c -q 12.0MHz -g 3.3 -n p project_name.sof project_name.svf

sof to rbf generation:

quartus_cpf  --option=bitstream_compression=off -c project_name.sof project_name.rbf


As mentioned in cyclone handbooks, real-time decompression is not supported by FPGA in JTAG mode. Keep in mind to disable this option.

file load:

openFPGALoader -b boardname project_name.svf
# or
openFPGALoader -b boardname project_name.rbf

with boardname = de0, cyc1000, c10lp-refkit, de0nano, de0nanoSoc or qmtechCycloneV.

SPI flash

RPD and RBF are supported.

sof to rpd:

# CYC1000
quartus_cpf -o auto_create_rpd=on -c -d EPCQ16A -s 10CL025YU256C8G project_name.svf project_name.jic
# C10LP-RefKit
quartus_cpf -o auto_create_rpd=on -c -d EPCQ16A -s 10CL055YU484C8G project_name.svf project_name.jic

file load:

openFPGALoader -b boardname -r project_name_auto.rpd
# or
openFPGALoader -b boardname -r project_name.rbf

with boardname = cyc1000, c10lp-refkit.